Our video presentation

Small video presentation telling about our family.

Meanwhile, I wanna tell you about last of our news. My husband recently flew to America and has been there for 2 weeks. We'll tell you about his experiences. My husband says that it will have to create a new separate website.

Bye! See you soon!

September 1, 2010

We are now five!

We have the addition in our family. Masha was born here. She is 1 year old and 1 month now. I've always dreamed about my daughter and I have two sons and a daughter now. Our boys also grow by leaps and bounds. Misha is 5 years and 8 months. He'll go to school very soon. Maxim is studying in 7 th grade in school now. We spent all summer at the cottage of my mom near Kazan. Recently we returned to home in Moscow. We live in the city of Khimki, near Moscow for more than 2 years. East or West, home is best. We are now five. And we are happy!

Me and Maria at the window

Kids eat red currants

Michael and Masha

This summer in Russia was very very hot. Thank God, we had much to escape from the burning of Moscow.

Misha rides his new bike

Bath rescued from the heat

Soap bubbles

Maxim with wounded crow. He picked it up in the woods.